Fragrant Feet

Ten things you can do to prevent sweaty feet:

1 Wash your feet thoroughly and dry them thoroughly (Keep your feet scrupulously clean. Use warm, soapy water and wash your feet every day.  Scrub gently with a soft brush, even between your toes, and be sure to dry your feet thoroughly)

2 Scrape off the dead skin around the heels

(Hint use our $9 Foot Buffer Pro to get off the big pieces)

3 Avoid cotton socks with absorb water like a dish-rag and just sit there

4 Sweat absorbing socks like Thor-Lo and Drymax

5 Changing socks twice a day

6 Use an industrial strength anti-perspirant like Certain-Dri

(Hint – not just a deodorant but an anti-perspirant)

(Hint – put it on in the evening and let it dry thoroughly)

7 Never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. They can absorb ¼ pint of water a day and it takes time to dry out.

8 Soak your foot in weak tea solution to clog up the sweat pores. Daily at first and then 2x a week.

(Hint – after you soak apply a good brand of foot powder.)

9 Buy or make an iontophoresis machine for hands and feet. Commercial machines are available and directions to make one yourself are on Youtube under iontophoresis.

10 Surgical cutting of the sympathetic “sweat nerves” and injections of botox are used for advanced cases.