Patient Letters

Below are just a few letters that have been sent to us by some of our patients telling you about their care with Agoura Los Robles Podiatry Centers (used with their permission)

September 2017

“Dr. Zapf performed a microfaciotomy on my right foot in November 2016.  I had been suffering with plantar fasciitis for almost a decade and had gotten to the point where my quality of life was severely impacted. Even with prior trials of PT, several expensive medical orthotics and several cortisone shots, still, I was no longer able to enjoy activities that included walking or standing for more than a short period of time.  I was ready to make the leap of faith and accept that I may need surgery on my foot.  I have to admit that I was extremely apprehensive about surgery, but Dr. Zapf was very thorough in his explanation of the facts and left the decision and timing up to me. Honestly, with Dr. Zapf’s technique, I wish I would have done it sooner.  I left his office walking on the foot he did the procedure on and just kept walking! There is certainly an initial healing time, but now I am more active than I have been in 10 years I’ve gone back to the gym,and even have a personal trainer putting me through the paces!  I’m going on long hikes, and long walks with my family, and I am pain free.  I’m still a good patient and wear my orthotics and good sneakers.  I am very careful when I chose dress shoes, and I don’t go barefoot a lot, but these are my choices as I am very protective of my feet!  I am very grateful to Dr. Zapf and his kind staff.  I have recommended him to friends and now my husband goes to him for his ankle problem! ”
From L.L., Thousand Oaks.

” March 1, 2013

For your information:

My son has been troubled with warts on the bottom of his foot for over 3 years.  For two years we went to the dermatologist every 4-6 weeks and they were continually frozen, treated topically and orally and still did not clear up, in fact were spreading.  The location of the warts on the bottom of his feet and toes were getting worse with sports activities, sweating, and working.  Our dermatologist recommended Agoura Los Robles Podiatry Centers and the laser treatment that is done for warts.  This was wonderful and after a few seconds of treatments, they were killed off turned black and came off and have not returned.  A few others have popped up since then and we had the laser treatment again and they are gone.  This is a simple, fast, non evasive procedure and only somewhat painful.  We are so very happy that we could use this procedure to help kill off the warts.

Greg Curtis

Thousand Oaks, CA” 


“June 2014

Hi. I am a 13 year old kid who had over 4 planters warts disapear through Dr. Zapf’s laser treatment.  I liked the treatment method because the pain was only for a short time and the laser did not leave any open wounds.  Right after the appointment I could go to my water polo practice without the warts hurting.  After about two weeks the planters warts became black and just fell off painlessly. Overall I would recommend this treatment to anyone that has any sort of warts or other foot problems.



“Dear Dr. Zapf,

I want to thank you for the braces. When I came to you, I was in so much pain I could not walk more than 30 steps and could not sleep at night without medication.

Now I can walk, use an elliptical exercise machine and a recumbent bike. I can sleep through the night without pain.

These braces are a gift of mobility for me. I am so proud of them that I tell people about them and at times even show them.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Doug Dickson”


“I was genetically blessed with two outstanding bunions by my beloved mother. Being an avid walker, I could no longer manage the sharp pains in my feet. The quality of my life was in decline. Dr. Zapf explained at first very conservative approaches to the care of my bunions and bone spurs. However, I elected to have two foot surgeries two months apart. Dr. Zapf and staff, along with their dry senses of humor, “walked me” through each “step” of the journey. With some personal organization, the procedures were both manageable and the stress on my family minimal. I received a huge sympathy vote that resulted in diva treatment. The foot surgeries turned out to be both miracles because all my foot pain is gone! Physical therapy was so beneficial to the process…I can not praise my Physical Therapist enough for her knowledge and help. So I have invested in a beautiful pair of designer sandals to wear on my boutique feet. Here is looking forward to summer….

Nadeen Fisher, Ph.D.”


“I generally do not participate in the social media but on special circumstances it is warranted. I want to share with my community the excellent experiences I have had with the Agoura-Los Robles Podiatry Centers in both Agoura and Thousand Oaks offices.

Dr. Zapf has been treating me for several years. Without exception my visits with him have been very personalized, informative sessions where he has consistently taken the time to answer my questions fully, offer all alternative treatment plans and to even visit with me on a personal nature and discuss matters in a way that two friends would do if they were having coffee together. I feel welcomed as a person…not a billing chart…by him and everyone in his offices.

Recently Dr. Benson, assisted by Dr. Payne, performed a substantial reconstructive surgery on my foot. The outcome exceeded my expectations. I am grateful to them for my health and ability to walk again without pain after many years of restricted and painful mobility. These guys are great!

At this point, it would appear that my need for ongoing treatment has come to an end with this recent successful surgery… but that isn’t going to stop me for dropping in to say hello and keep in touch with all the staff. I know that I would be welcomed.

The short of it is “if your foot hurts… take it to these guys”! You will be treated professionally, compassionately, and personably that makes them truly unique!”

Richard Van Sickle

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