What are Orthotics?

Orthotic InsolesOrthotics are a biomechanical device to be inserted into a shoe under the foot in order to correct proper biomechanical balance and function.  Overpronation, or the flattening of the arch, is the most common ailment to be corrected with orthotics, however there are obviously other uses for both minor and severe cases.  Orthotic insoles can help reduce pain and stress on joints as a result of correcting a condition like overpronation.  Best of all, they are an affordable and effective fix.  There are also orthotics that are created to help correct function in the foot and ankle; these look more like a boot instead of an insole slipped under the foot.

We take custom molds of the feet that need orthotics made, and then send them off to our manufacturer to be crafted to exactly fit your feet.  Then when you come in for your fitting, we will make sure the insole fits properly into your shoe, and under your foot.

For foot and ankle issues we also have Cam Walkers, which are “boots” that allow proper support and correction to yourOrthotic Came Walker whole foot.  They also provide the necessary protection your foot will need in the healing/correction process.

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