Update on Laser Treatment of Nail Fungus with the Cutera Genesis Plus

There was a recently a  report released  by Dr. David Weiss of Hammonton, NJ on the effectiveness of the Cutera laser to treat nail fungus that I found interesting.

The beginning of the report outlines the current treatment options available, discussing the pros and cons of each before he launches into the summary of his testing.  Using the Cutera Genesis Plus, an Nd-Yag laser that produces a 1064nm wavelength, he found that on the laser had a 70% efficacy rate when used twice on a nail with a 6 week interval between treatments.

This stays in line with other numbers we have heard in the podiatry community regarding efficacy rates on visually improving the nail.  Unfortunately, his sample pool was very limited, with only seven patients, however we are all very excited to see more studies come out on this topic.

Our in office efficacy rate is matching up exactly with these numbers, and we would love to find ways to get them even higher,  please take a look at his report which is below in PDF form.

3 Month Clinical Results using Sub-millisecond 1064nm Nd: YAG Laser for the Treatment of Onychomycosis By: David Weiss, DPM

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  1. I hope that the emergence of new laser treatments for Toenail Fungus are more effective and can possibly cost less for the patient.

    Here is a comprehensive article about Anti-fungal laser treatments in general. It is called “5 Steps to Achieve Successful Anti-fungal Laser Treatment”


    Looking forward to hear more about the Cutera Genesis Plus in the coming months!

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