Fungal Nail Success


This patient has laboratory proved fungus in the nails in February. She had reasons why she really wanted her multiple fungus nails free of fungus and agreed to take the oral medicine Lamisil. The had a laboratory test to test her blood and liver before starting the medication and once, again, after being on th medicine for a month. Both showed that she has no negative effects from the medicine. The picture above shows the effect four months later. All of the lesser nails are clear of fungus and you can see how clear and clean the base of the big toe nails are in response to oral Lamisil. If you are reasonably healthy and are willing to have blood tests during therapy, Lamisil might be the key for you to have clear and healthy nails.

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A Clear Nails Pro Success Story

This is the left and right big toe nails of Amalia, a 58-year-old woman who had nearly given up on having her nails look pretty. She could not afford the cost of Jublia or Kerydin and her insurance company gave her a lot of trouble for even trying to get those medication approved. She started using Clear Nails Pro and here is how the toe looked after 11 months of daily use. If she keeps using it once or twice a week she should be able to keep it looking good.

Note – 11 months is not “too long” for a big toe nail that normally grows slow but grows even slower if it is infected with a fungus.

Clear Nails Pro at $50 is a good alternative to Jublia or Kerydin. It contains Ciclopirox, a prescription strength anti-fungal, terbinafine (also known as Lamisil) and fluconazole for yeast which sometimes also causes discolored nails.