What is a ganglion cyst?

A cyst is a growth or swelling that erupts on or around a joint on the body, and in podiatry we deal with ganglion cysts, which is a cyst specific to the joints and tendons in the hands and feet.  Cysts are filled with a thicker clear fluid, similar to synovial fluid, and despite a temporary cure being to rupture the cyst so it drains, surgery will provide the best results in terms of recurrence.

In our office, we can puncture the cyst to drain it and then inject cortisone into the cyst to reduce pain and recurrence.  However, should the cyst come back, surgery is certainly the best option as the only way to truly prevent the cyst from coming back is to remove it fully and stop the joint from leaking fluid.

Ganglion cyst in Thousand Oaks

Normally we can diagnose a cyst quickly in our office by looking at the mass in question and confirming with an ultrasound, then if the patient so desires, we can puncture and inject it that day, or schedule a surgery for the future all in one visit.

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  1. Have your doctor drain it and inject it with cortisone. If it comes back, see what your surgery options are in the area. It can be a tricky surgery from what I am told, considering they need to get the whole thing out, but it is pretty common in the scheme of things.

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