The Cutera Genesis Plus has arrived!

Agoura-Los Robles Podiatry Centers is very happy to announce the arrival of our new weapon against toenail fungus, the Cutera Genesis Plus laser!

After a slightly longer than expected wait, the wonderful Cutera Genesis Plus is at our disposal to help you fight off toenail fungus.  We have a nice write up about the procedure here on our website, and here is a link to information on the laser from Cutera’s website.

A reminder; the Cutera Genesis Plus laser is a 1064 nm laser, and 1064 nm lasers are the only type of laser that is FDA approved for the treatment of toenail fungus.

Please contact either of our offices to make an appointment for toenail laser treatment, or to request anymore information you may need.  Check out the video below for a quick rundown of the Cutera Genesis Plus.


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